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The way many of us approach the modern property market is vastly different from the early days of home ownership in Australia. Gone are the days of receiving a set of keys and that was then end of the story. Instead of buying off the plans and just maintaining your home, today Australians are far more creative and intent on personalising our piece of land. So what is influencing this changing landscape and movement towards custom home design?

The lay of the real estate land

Of course, it could be said that skyrocketing house prices have had a major part to play in our drive for improved domestic design – after all we want to make the best use of what is a very substantial investment in most people’s lives. Capitalising on your investment to improve quality of life is an obvious benefit, plus it makes sense that simply maintaining a property isn’t going to draw the best possible returns when it comes time to sell. So many Australians opt to invest in their investment – and with demands high, it seems to be paying off.

Floor plan home design custom renovateFamily friendly floor plans

In addition to the financial drawcards of investing in good home design, what was previously considered a functioning floor plan has shifted with the changing needs of modern families. For example, as a nation we have experienced a cultural move towards home entertaining, which has in turn changed the most requested home layout. Meaning a small, closed-off living room with no connection to the outdoor space just doesn’t work with our modern idea of home entertaining anymore.

We want ample living spaces that have a seamless flow through from one area of the home to the other, such as dining and kitchen, which is why many Australians still opt for an open plan solution when buying or designing their new home. Plus, modern home design in relation to entertaining often extends beyond the internal floor plan to create a seamless transition into an outdoor area. This effectively creates one large open entertaining space with indoor and outdoor zones.

A growing love for bespoke living

Beyond the challenges of affordability and availability of properties, and the changes in family dynamics, the Australian real estate scene has dramatically changed in other ways too. More than ever, there is a definite desire to live in luxury, elevating the comforts around us to be more than simply functional. Beautifully designed finishes and fixtures, even bespoke pieces, are painstakingly selected, not ‘out of the box’.

Amongst homeowners and new homebuilders today, there is a real drive to be unique, which is seen in the dramatic increase in custom home design requests – with the modern Australian home truly becoming an extension of the personalities that reside within its walls. It is this aspect of modern home design that has seen the most exciting, innovative and simply beautiful developments in housing take shape. Basically, Australians are becoming much more visually aware and design literate, and this leads us to what we believe is one of the most important factors in the custom home design revolution.

Television that inspires and celebrates design

From reality television to more traditional formats, there are a number of television programs aired in Australia that have definitely influenced the increasing desire for custom home design. One of the most influential programs in regards to architecture would have to be the original Grand Designs, featuring Britain’s modern architectural masterpieces and innovative and experimental designs (which has also launched spinoffs Grand Designs Australia and Grand Designs New Zealand). It has been bringing cutting edge home aesthetics and a pure love of architecture into everyday Australian’s homes since 1999. The program’s success can be attributed to how a home viewer can gain intimate access into a living space to learn what works, what doesn’t and how amazing the end result can be, simply by tuning in.

When it comes to reality television there are a number of good home renovation shows on air, including House Rules and Reno Rumble, but in terms of internal layouts, finishes and fixtures, you can’t go past Channel 9s hit show, The Block. It has had an incredible impact on home renovations and custom designs in new home builds across Australia. In its current format it has been airing since 2010 and has taken what is quite an expansive viewership through many different home renovation and building adventures. Due to the competitive nature of The Block, over the years Australians have had the joy seeing each home be an improvement on the last, with contestants going to great lengths to do something special – and the record price tags achieved at auction has without doubt encouraged Australians to give home customisation a go.

Custom home design in the digital world

Television shows showcasing what is the epitome of good design and inspiring viewers to custom design their home have helped many Australians achieve something special with their home, but they are not the only form of media that is having unprecedented influence. Internet and social media are also playing a massive part. Digital consumers are very active on sites such as Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz Australia.

Pinterest home improvement DIY custom design

Good digital platforms allow instant searches of global databases for users to gain inspiration, purchase home items and identify the builders that are creating good quality custom design homes. It’s a simple, fast and very accurate method of getting real-time home design inspiration and feed cravings for luxurious home fixtures and fittings.

So if you need some help with custom home inspiration, there is plenty you can find out from in the comfort of your own home, but many new homebuilders have also been seeking custom home design experts to help bring their home inspirations to life.

For local custom home design experts in-touch with Australia’s growing desire for unique, bespoke builds, talk to us at Valley Homes.

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