Choosing a house and land package from a reputable building company offers more than just the convenience of less paperwork, reliable project management, streamlined timelines, reputable builders, quality finishes, overall savings and a turnkey contract.

House and land packages are a smart investment for 10 reasons:

  1. You choose the block. You don’t need to settle for a beautiful home on an ordinary block or vice versa. There are many house and land packages available with the perfect position for your dream home just waiting to be discovered.
  1. Choose the plan that suits you and your block. Want two, three, four bedrooms? It’s all about matching the aspect and size of your block with a plan that suits your budget – and Valley Homes has a wide range of architecturally designed floor plans to choose from.
  1. Customise the home to suit. Dreaming of an adult’s escape or a rumpus room? Maybe wine cellar or even a deck perfect for entertaining? The options are endless. All it takes is talking to our team and tailoring your plans to suit. 
  1. Save on stamp duty. You only pay stamp duty on the land component of the sale, as the house hasn’t been built yet. This can save you thousands.
  1. Package savings. Of course you can still enjoy your dream home on your dream block by doing it all separately, but it will cost you more to do so. A package makes financial sense as fees are streamlined.
  1. Little maintenance with no need to renovate. Apart from the warranty that comes with a new home build, you won’t need to worry about the ongoing maintenance costs associated with older homes ­– and forget about the stress and cost of renovating. Phew!
  1. It’s energy efficient. All new homes built by Valley Homes comply with government regulations regarding energy efficiency. This is a huge bonus for your future savings as you are going to pay less for energy costs.
  1. Modern technology. Your new house will be built using modern technology and the best materials, as well as being wired with the latest innovations, plus modern fixtures and fitting.
  1. Tenant friendly. New homes can often attract higher rent and better quality tenants. So if you are a property investor then buying a house and land package for a rental investment could be a smart move.
  1. Turnkey confidence. By using and established and respected building company, such as Valley Homes, at the end of the build you are going to be handed a set of keys to a brand new home, in your chosen location, without anything further to worry about.

So once you have narrowed down your ideal location, such as the increasingly popular area of Port Stephens, then it’s time to find the house and land package that’s right for you. Talk to our team to find out more.