The opportunities for acreage living in Australia are incredibly diverse. You can find acreages on the fringes of major residential areas, near the coast or in rural towns. Whatever your choice of location, acreage living can hold great appeal.

1. Serenity

An acreage property means you’re a long way from your neighbours. If you enjoy the quiet life, what greater way to start the day than to throw open the doors onto your verandah and enjoy breakfast with just nature for company. The luxury of seclusion also means you’re not disturbing anyone either. You’re free to party until the early hours, or let your children be as rowdy as they please without raising the ire of your neighbours.

2. Space

Not only will your children have the freedom to be boisterous, but they’ll have the space too. Imagine sending your children out to play knowing they’re reaping the benefits of plentiful fresh air and not having to worry about pollution or the dangers of traffic.

Of course, increased space also means there’s more to maintain. However, this can also be a plus for families as children have the opportunity to learn responsibility and practical skills that can stand them in good stead for later life.

3. Self-sufficiency

Greater space means you have the luxury of being able to grow a lot of your own fresh fruit and vegetables. If you’re a keen gardener, just think of the pleasure you’ll gain from filling your home with beautiful fresh produce.

You’ll also have room to keep animals – chickens for eggs, goats to keep the grass down and even horses if you’re a keen rider.

4. Expand with ease

The design of your acreage property is entirely up to you. Unlike building on smaller inner-city land, you’re not as restricted and you can choose a floor plan that meets your needs. There are certain luxuries that come with acreage development, and whatever the house you initially choose, there’s always room to expand. Perhaps your friends become so envious of your lifestyle that they visit more often, or maybe you’re planning to have more children; the bigger your property, the more room you have to expand your home.

The first steps to living the acreage dream

If you can see yourself enjoying all the advantages of living on an acreage property, or you’ve already chosen your land, it’s time to start researching the type of home you could build. Valley Homes is an essential start and we guarantee, the perfect place to end!

Browse the Acreage Series where you’ll discover six floor plans to choose from. Each is individual in its design, but they’re united in the luxury they offer. You can go with the set plans, or add your own flair to make sure your home becomes the dream you’ve always envisaged. Talk to the Valley Homes team today to start bringing your acreage home vision to life.