Family living in the country, on the outskirts of the suburbs, or even on a rare block of land in the inner city is truly something special in an acreage home.

There are many positive advantages to choosing to build an acreage and one of them is breathing space. Yes, acreage builds give you and your family space to breathe as you grow as a family together. They provide relaxing spaces for when you want to read a good book or escape the daily mayhem that is family life. On the flipside, acreages also have ample space to invite everyone you know and love over to your home, to join you and your family for dinner and drinks. Acreages are a home that provide the best of both worlds – a retreat and an entertainer’s paradise in one beautifully appointed, luxury development.

Acreage home designs can be built anywhere, just as long as the block can accommodate it. However, without doubt the Hunter Valley is a popular choice for home builders in the Newcastle region. The popularity of the Hunter is due to a number of reasons, including rural lifestyle, competitive block prices, land availability, and great access to family-friendly facilities, including quality schools and modern recreational centres.

Acreage Home design hunter Valley plan land property
‘Winderemere’ Acreage Home Design

In fact, beautiful, often private and quite expansive blocks are sometimes available in the Hunter Valley for the same price of a small apartment in an inner city block…so when it comes to family life it is easy to see the drawcard. Plus, an acreage gives you the option to enjoy a large outdoor entertaining space that is all yours. You may have that in an apartment, but it is often a communal space. Or on a regular size block of land the outdoor areas are increasingly small due to limited land availability.

How about a gourmet kitchen with butler’s pantry? When space is at an absolute premium, as in an apartment or a home built on a standard-size block, gourmet kitchens may be a standard inclusion, but a butler’s pantry is rare. In acreage home plans a butler’s pantry is the norm. You see luxury is never compromised due to space when it comes to modern acreage homes.

The ‘Glendonbrook’ Acreage home floor plan

And then there is parking…

One parking space is fairly standard, but two parking spaces is mostly unheard of in an apartment, unless you are building a penthouse or upper level home. Most regular blocks for stand-alone homes allow for off-street parking and a garage for two cars, sometimes more. But in a standard acreage build, home owners and developers can opt for a triple garage with added workshop – and of course on street parking is free for any of your guests. No pesky meters.

Plus, in an acreage build you have so much more freedom to build your home the way you want to build it. Such as choose the view you want to incorporate, or decide whether it is morning or evening sun that you want to make the most of. You are not restricted to a set spot for the front door or where the plumbing needs to connect to your kitchen, like you would have to adhere to in an apartment. You also don’t need to worry about neighbouring homes blocking your sun or restricting your view like you do in built-up suburbs. And as for growing families, you may even want to build stables for a horse or even a rehearsal studio for band practice, all you need to do is customise the already expansive floor plans.

Acreage home design Hunter Valley
‘Duckenfield’ Acreage Home Design

In addition, the concept of breathing space mentioned earlier also applies to the land surrounding your home, not just the space within it. Many modern acreage home builders choose to allow the landscape to be an extension of their living space, while also being a tool for privacy. That is, the acreage doesn’t take up the entire footprint of the block of land and the surrounding outdoor space adds to the property’s appeal.

Of course, in addition to the features already mentioned, there are many more benefits to choosing to build an acreage on your block of land, such as luxurious ensuites and family bathrooms, generous bedrooms, study nooks and offices, comfortably sized living and entertaining zones, and storage, storage, storage.

Here at Valley Homes we have six modern floor plans that are fully customisable and packed full of clever and contemporary features, which our team is only too happy to discuss with you. So please, if you’re interested in giving your family room to grow, while being able to relax and entertain, you might be interested in knowing about our range of house designs for acreages. We can also discuss the average acreage house prices and costs, as well as show you some of our previous projects. Simply call 02 4934 1400 or drop us a line today.

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