Yes it’s true! 2019 has been planned, designed, knocked down, and then built back up again – now we’re ready to lock the door and handover the keys ready to do it all again next year. But before we do…

Our 2019 builder highlights

If you’re interested in seeing just how eventful the past year has been for our clients, contractors, suppliers and our hardworking in-house team, then check out this video from one of our happy clients, or head over to our gallery. You’ll get to see some of our favourite builds from the past year or so, including a duplex in Newcastle, custom-designed homes like the two storey stunner in Fingal Bay and a 2×2 storey townhouse in Kahibah, a multi-unit development in Jesmond, a customised acreage design in Aberglasslyn, and who could forget Stage 1 and 2 of the DHA Wirraway Estate in Thornton.

Nesbitt Family testimonial
The Nesbitt family share their experience building with Valley Homes.

Your favourite articles of 2019

Beyond our successful builds in and around Newcastle, another highlight of 2019 has been the great responses we’ve had to our Valley Homes articles. Each month we share industry developments, design trends, and helpful checklists to help make client’s future builds with us more exceptional and more informed. Here are the five that were either read, talked about, or shared the most – together in one place for anyone that may have missed them throughout the year.

So counting down from five, let’s get to it…

5. Knock down rebuild or renovate?

If you’re not sure if your home is destined for a knock down rebuild or undergo a complete renovation then this article will discuss some of the major elements to consider. The article is particularly targeted towards understanding costs, the time impacts of either option, long-term future proofing advantages, and how speaking to a real estate might help clarify the financial pros and cons of the finished results.

4. Project homes vs custom-designed homes

Next on the list is an article which attempts to answer a question our team gets asked all of the time, can project homes stand-up to a custom-designed home? Spoiler alert, of course they can. But it isn’t as simple as that. It all comes down to the classic builder’s balancing act of weighing budget, block of land specifics, council requirements, design and lifestyle aspirations, and individual needs to determine which type of build is going to tick the most boxes. The article goes through what considerations to keep in mind, because we know all too well that building homes, even project homes, require a personal approach – which is Valley Homes’ speciality.

3. Developer checklist: questions to ask your multi-unit builder

It’s easy to understand why this article rated so high amongst our clients – multi-unit developments require a considerable financial investment, and as such as an astute client you can never do enough research. Plus, after building so many multi-unit developments, and being asked all sorts of questions along the way, our team knew they were in a good position to pool their years of experience to make the process as simple as possible for the next first-time, or even sixth of seventh time investor. It’s a great read if you’re thinking about investing in a multi-unit build.

Oakhampton Acreage Property House Design

2. Luxurious acreages in regional Australia

The appeal of regional living is on the rise; young families are tired of exhausting inner-city commutes, recent graduates are taking advantage of remote working opportunities, and empty-nesters are after a quiet space to call their own. Yes, many Australians are discovering that regional Hunter Valley towns have a lot to offer. With all this growing interest in the regional property market, luxury acreages are enjoying a well-deserved boom for both home builders and investors alike. Especially with improving infrastructure and access to top-level amenities. Are you ready for a tree change?

Drum roll if you please…

1. Fast-tracked approvals for dual occupancies

Coming in at number one, this article discusses some recent policy changes that make gaining approvals for dual occupancies quicker and easier. It was, and still is, an exciting development in the approval process for anyone with ample land and the means to make the most of it. Dual occupancy builds are especially appealing for inner-city Newcastle land owners, where available land to build is at a premium – so it is easy to see why this one got our clients talking the most. And if this year was anything to go by, this article will continue to guide investors throughout 2020 too.

Valley Homes corner dual occupancy project Hunter Valley Property Bloom
Photo courtesy of Property Bloom

Tell us what you want us to write about in 2020!

While clients have told us our team is pretty good at writing the types of articles they want to read, we understand that there are still many topics we haven’t covered, and some of those might be the ones you are eager to read about. So please tell us. Simply drop us line or speak to one of our team and just ask, “Can you please put some information together about…” and we’ll schedule it in. It’s that simple.