Bring your own multi-unit development plans

So, you’ve set your sights on an investment development and, being a hands-on investor, you’ve made the decision to engage an architect or draftsperson to design your project and manage the planning process through council. The main advantage of this choice, of course, is that you’re in the driver’s seat; you own the plans and can then manage the tendering process with a selection of builders of your choice. 

It also ensures you have a detailed understanding of your project. Most importantly it gives you greater control of the overall design to suit the location and target market you are aiming to sell to.

If this approach appeals to your style of property investing, read on to learn more about the benefits of getting your plans ready before presenting them to the builder of your choice.

Creative freedom

Some developers have a very specific design in mind and engage an architect to draw up their plans. By nominating to work with either a draftsperson or architect to design your multi-unit development you’re free to choose the architecture and design features that fit your vision rather than being tied to set floor plans that may be offered by a project builder. Your block of land may also require a site-specific design and that’s where your architect or draftsperson can tailor plans to take advantage of the aspect, accommodate the slope of the land, and meet local area planning requirements such as necessary setbacks and private open spaces for example.

Preparing for your multi-unit development build

Before engaging your development builder there’s a long list of preparatory requirements to work through. You will need to prepare and submit the development application to Council.  A contour & detail survey, stormwater engineering, landscaping plan, soil report, a Statement of Environmental Effects (SoEE) and a draft subdivision plan will also be needed to ensure your block of land is appropriate for the build. Once the Development Consent has been issued by council, the slab and structural engineering ii prepared, Council’s developer contributions are paid and it is time to lodge the Construction Certificate application via a private certifier.

Experienced developers often choose to engage a builder once they have done all these preliminary works themselves or via their architect/draftsperson, engineer and surveyor thereby saving themselves the associated fees that come with having a builder manage this preliminary works process for them.  It also allows the developer the freedom to select the builder of their choice rather than being locked in with a designer/builder.

A development builder for your sized project

Once you’ve secured all necessary council approvals and certificates and you’ve got finance approval, your next challenge is to find an experienced builder in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle or Port Stephens. You need a builder you can trust with a long standing reputation.

With over 50 years experience in the construction industry working on a vast range of multi-unit developments from small private projects through to large-scale developments Valley Homes can step in with a formal tender for the construction of your investment development.

Valley Homes has secured major multi-housing projects for the Commonwealth Department of Housing and Construction, the NSW Department of Housing, and more recently, Defence Housing Australia.

Valley Homes is also the preferred builder of Tallowood Medowie in Port Stephens, an over-55s complex offering beautiful homes and luxury amenities. A multi-unit development of 216 dwellings already constructed, Tallowood Medowie, is a great example of resort style living featuring quality architecture and thoughtful design. 

Duplex or Dual Occupancy

Of course, your investment property may be a more modest development such as a duplex or dual occupancy.  A relatively low risk development, a dual occupancy is ideal for a range of developers including experienced investors, owner-occupiers, and even first home buyers. So too, a duplex can double the equity in your property without doubling the investment cost, so you can secure strong returns with relatively low risk. 

For some the decision to do a knockdown-rebuild on their existing block can make better use of the land. By subdividing the block it’s possible to create value, boost your income, reduce maintenance or even improve housing affordability. When the options are there,Valley Homes has the expertise to bring your investment development plans to fruition.

When you’re ready to team up

If you have your own plans and want to build new units, a dual occupancy or duplex and you’re looking for an experienced builder in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle or Port Stephens for your multi-unit development, then give Valley Homes a call today. We’re happy to work with your plans. No matter how large or small your investment development is, we’re the ideal partner to help you to achieve your development objectives.