If the amount of enquiries we receive regarding building a duplex is anything to go by, the amount of people looking to build a duplex in the Newcastle and the Hunter regions is definitely on the rise. So we have put together some information on what duplexes offer, including designs and financial rewards, as well as debunking a major duplex myth – size. If you want to know more detailed information regarding building a duplex, we’re here to help.

Firstly, downsizing to a duplex doesn’t necessarily mean downsizing your floor space. Sure the land your home resides on may be smaller than a standard size block, but the duplex you decide to build may not be single storey, allowing builders to increase floor space without increasing the footprint (but we’ll get to that Valley Homes builder newcastle hunter maitland duplexlater). However, many people looking to build their own duplex are planning on downsizing both their block size and floor plans. We are pleased to assure those people that there are many modern techniques and designs to get the most out of minimalistic living, all of which can be adopted by experienced duplex builders.

Countries more densely populated than Australia have been at the forefront of minimalistic home designs that incorporate all the modern amenities, and even luxuries, for some time. Now, as Australia moves into a new era of reduced land availability, in conjunction with an increased demand for lower impact, more sustainable living, we are in a position to take all of that knowledge and apply it to something very suitable for the Australian economy and real estate market – the duplex.

The duplex has great market appeal

The increasing appeal enjoyed by duplex builds is due to for the two reasons listed above, namely reduced land availability and environmental considerations, but also for people who just don’t need so much space anymore. It may seem obvious to say, but the Valley Homes Duplex builder house design Newcastlemaintenance required to upkeep a free standing, family sized home is obviously markedly greater when you compare it to something such as a duplex. This is why a duplex is extremely appealing to empty nesters or simply people who either don’t have the time or energy to maintain a larger home.

At this stage of the conversation it is really important to remember that when we talk ‘downsizing’ we are definitely not talking ‘down-grading’. Downsizing purely relates to land size, not inclusions, finishes, and design features. Adequate entertaining spaces, open plan living areas and even fully appointed gourmet kitchens all still make a feature in duplex floor plans. It’s just that they will also incorporate the clean lines and uncluttered appeal of European and Scandinavian minimalism, as well as feature intuitive and clever layout and storage solutions – making the most of the reduced square meterage of the block.

Duplexes are also an astute financial investment

If you own land or are purchasing land that can accommodate a duplex design you are probably in a very fortuitous situation. With land being highly sought after and land prices soaring in relation to that, a duplex does two things. Duplex builds can effectively half your land cost and/or double your equity, depending on whether you choose to sell or rent out the additional dwellings that you build. Many first homebuyers who want to ‘build your own house’ have seized the financial opportunities a duplex build offers, by allowing the option to sell or rent the attached dwelling(s) to help pay off mortgages faster and/or reduce repayments.

Valley Homes builder newcastle hunter maitland duplexDebunking a big duplex myth

A duplex is not another name for a small house. Yes, they can accommodate minimalistic living and provide ingenious solutions for compact spaces, however they can really be whatever you want them to be. Single or double-storey, compact or expansive – you name it a duplex floor plan can be designed to suit. The advantage of building with a duplex specialist, who offers a range of duplex designs and prices, is that your finished duplex floor plans will be totally appropriate to your development ambitions and are designed with your block, budget, and council requirements in mind.

Building a duplex using local builders

If you’re looking to build a duplex in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle or any of their surrounding suburbs, regional experts are always a great way to go. There are many benefits to selecting an experienced Newcastle based home builder, such as knowing local regulations, suppliers and contractors, as well as offering local project managers to handle the entire process. All of this essentially translates to less red tape, reduced expenses and a more personalised building experience.

Our team of duplex specialists here at Valley Homes have been at the forefront in duplex projects in the region for many years now and have extensive experience turning duplex dreams into financially sound and cleverly designed homes. If you want to talk duplex solutions with a Newcastle specialist, please get in touch.

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