Finding the right builder is key to the success of your home or investment construction project in Maitland and the Hunter area. It’s worth doing your research on the company and the builder that you are planning to hire. Deciding who should build your home is an important decision. Making the wrong choice could see your construction project suffer in delays, costs and stress. Here are some top questions to ask to guide you and make the right decision when choosing a builder.

  • How long has the builder been operating?

Ask the builders that you are planning to hire some simple questions such as;

– How long have they been in the construction business?

– If the builder owns the company? Perform the necessary checks with the relevant authorities.

These simple questions and performing background checks will paint a better picture of the construction professional you’re looking to hire.

  • Does the company have a permanent business address?                                  

Find out the exact location of the building company’s office and take the time to visit it to get an impression of how professional their business is. It’s also important to know their location if you ever need to drop in during the construction process. A verified trading and registered office address also tends to reflect a company that is more reputable.

  • Have you read any client testimonials?                                

Experiences of other customers are always a great reference point for making your decision. If possible, ask your builder to put you in touch with two past clients and ideally see them and their project for yourself. When you talk to the clients extract as much information as possible and ask them about their experiences with the builder.

  • Are you getting a detailed quotation?                                          

A good indication of how reputable a builder is can be discovered by the kind of quotation that they provide. A thorough and detailed construction estimate means that every small detail is accounted for and provides complete transparency. Quotations that are quick, short and lacking in detail could mean that the builder is inexperienced or less reputable.

  • Are you getting everything in writing?

Remember, you should only proceed with your home or investment construction project when the price is fixed and you get a well-written contract from your builder. Get all details about the build in writing. This will help you for future reference with issues that might arise during construction.

Follow these tips to guide your decision with which builder to appoint for your property or investment project in the Maitland and the Hunter area.