Wide-open spaces, stunning vistas and breathtaking sunsets; country life is about enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you – all in the comfort of your luxurious, cleverly designed, acreage home.

7am – good morning!

Your master bed is perfectly positioned so you can effortlessly draw back the curtains and see the early morning sun dappled on your favourite eucalypt.

Good country home design means getting the most out of the stunning parcel of land you have tucked away in country NSW. Good design ensures your floor plan and positioning take advantage of any views you might have, makes the most of sunrise and sunsets, as well as integrates the natural elevations and existing greenery, ponds, creeks etc.

There are many clever design elements to seamlessly bring the outside in; large windows, sliding cavity and bi-fold doors, even vertical gardens all increase the sense of space and proximity to nature when you are comfortable inside. Glass pool fences keep little ones safe, comply with regulations, and also allow the landscaping and natural surrounds to be true features.

8am – breakfast is served

Savour your favourite breakfast perched comfortably at your spacious breakfast bar, adjoining the kitchen and overlooking a private little garden.

If you’ve ever watched a home renovation television show or read any magazine such as Australian Country or Hunter Lifestyle you would know the phrase ‘kitchens sell houses.’ The reason is two-fold – apart from kitchens being a substantial investment, getting a kitchen right can drastically change the feel and functionality of a home.

Whether you consider yourself a gourmet cook or prefer a ready-made meal, your kitchen should incorporate intuitive design to be stylish and functional – whatever the task. A quick breakfast needs a comfortable, well-positioned breakfast bar. A large family needs a well-stocked pantry or better yet a walk in butler’s pantry. An entertainer needs an oven and stovetop that are up to the challenge of cooking many different dishes at once. The list goes on. On top of the actual cooking and food prep the kitchen also needs to create a sense of flow within the surrounding space.

An acreage home generally means you have more freedoms in regard to kitchen size, so ultimately a successful kitchen will come down to selecting the right plan from a reputable country home builder. Look for a builder that has great working relationships with local suppliers specialised in designing and fitting out kitchens. Such as how Valley Homes has specialised in-house designers and works with renowned local kitchen builders Valley Kitchens and indoor and outdoor tile suppliers Amber Tiles and Carpet Court.

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The Duckenfield – acreage home design plans

11am – room to live and breathe

You and your loved ones happily potter about in the open plan living room, flowing out to your deck or shady courtyard; reading books, listening to music and simply enjoying the space.

Clever acreage floor plans allow families to enjoy being together without being in each other’s space. It takes advantage of the larger plots of land to maximise living spaces, while carefully creating a sense of cosiness through zoning. While you can create zones through interior design, zones can also be planned at the building stage. This might include a quiet nook for reading in the evening, an inbuilt desk to keep your daily tasks organised and in easy reach, or a large lounge area with built-in entertainment. Talking these things through with your designer and homebuilder at the outset will help you make the most of your space.

Other elements to keep in mind when building are what little luxuries you would like. This might mean integrated sound systems so that your favourite tracks are never far away, ducted air-conditioning and well-placed fans keep you cool and comfortable when things are heating up or cooling down outside, or simply the type of flooring you would like – soft woollen carpets, natural timbers or even sleek modern tiles. A quality homebuilder specialising in country acreage designs will have extensive knowledge and access to sought-after finishes and fittings to help you give your home the wow factor.

3pm – entertain, play and sunsets

Your friends and family look forward to get-togethers at your home and enjoy afternoons by the pool and alfresco dining under the stars.

A country home is just as much about the outside as the inside when it comes to entertaining too. Inside an acreage-style home there is the flexibility to have a theatre room, formal dining area for dinner parties, or even room for a pool table. Outside there are opportunities to incorporate a barbecue or even outdoors kitchen into the landscaped garden and pool area. A well-designed country home should be where your friends and family all want to come to escape.

The clear advantage when it comes to designing a country home is the amount of space you have to play with. If squeezing your dream home onto a 450m square block in an inner-city suburb seems unrealistic and often too expensive to secure the block in the first place, opting for a full acre in somewhere like the Hunter Valley could be one of the best decisions you’ve made.

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And when the day is almost over your luxurious bathroom is the ultimate place to relax and take in the sunset through your thoughtfully placed window.

Just like kitchens, bathrooms sell houses too. A good bathroom is more than clean and functional, it is a retreat, a room you actually want to spend time in. Country bathroom design has come along way since the outhouse days. Any quality design team knows how integral a well-positioned and well-appointed bathroom and ensuite can be to a new homeowners overall satisfaction and long-term happiness with their home.

Great country house design in NSW means including all the best fittings in the most functional and stylish way possible, without being constrained to a tiny space; a deep bath instead of just a shower, possibly a double vanity with overhead and under-bench storage, even a double shower head instead of a single.

An acreage-style home is the Australian dream at its best

Valley Homes has six luxurious floor plans to build your modern house in rural Australia – from the expertly laid foundations to the stylish and strong rooftop there is a package to suit your needs. The Acreage Series is everything you would expect in good country home design – and is fully customisable to allow for your properties views and orientation. Talk to our in-house team of acreage specialists today.