Display homes serve a purpose for the mass production line approach to building, which they ‘display’. They are key selling tools for building quick, affordable estates, but they aren’t always what they seem…

What you see isn’t always what you get

As you step out of your car and walk up the beautifully finished driveway and landscaped front yard to the commanding portico entrance your eyes are wide with excitement. Opening the front door to a display home will set your real estate dreams buzzing. That is what they are designed to do. But usually nothing of what you have seen so far (driveway, landscaping, portico) is a standard inclusion in the price.

They have lured you in with dreams of grandeur and it doesn’t end there. Top of the range fixtures and luxury inclusions will dazzle throughout; the kitchen and bathroom will no doubt impress with high-end bench-tops, premium tiles and extravagant appliances. All of which is good if that’s what you want and can afford, but don’t expect the advertised price to include all of these wow-factors as you walk through the house.

House building stress builder construction plans failEverything on display isn’t in the advertised price

If you asked the sales rep taking you through the property to give you an actual price of everything you see in the display home, you will probably find that it is nowhere near the base price being advertised – and the cost to replicate the home as you see it can often drastically changes the value of building a production-line style home in the first place. Flexibility is limited and any addition or alteration you want to make from the standard package will cost you time and money – and you still end up with a home looking exactly the same as everyone else in the street, no cheaper than if you went to a reputable builder offering quality in-house designs.

Mass production can have its price pitfalls

The mass production building model, which utilises display homes, is effective at reducing costs. They do this by buying up big and then farming out the materials across multiple builds. This means savings can be made on material costs and even labour can be streamlined if the new home builds can be arranged to occur simultaneously or in close proximity. Because this building technique heavily relies on the customer using the specified materials to take advantage of the cost-cutting measures, if any changes or upgrades to materials occur the final price can be dramatically altered.

Custom home in house design plans pricingIn-house designs are the new go-to in affordable, quality houses

Display homes and off-the-shelf builds used to be one of the only cost efficient housing options – not any more. In-house designs are now one of the best ways to secure a quality home that dazzles like a display home at a comparable or cheaper price. How? Firstly a builder utilising in-home designs doesn’t have the overheads of building a display home to sell the design, which equates to substantial savings across their entire design portfolio. Plus, because the cost isn’t so tightly aligned with the bulk material model the designs are more flexible and any changes made won’t necessarily see you being lugged with exorbitant variations.

Tailor your level of involvement with in-house designs

Far from simply taking your money and building the house exactly as you see it on the plans, an in-house design package by a reputable builder will allow you greater involvement, which translates to control, if you want it. Instead of shying away from alterations to the original design an experienced builder will actively encourage it, so your home is personalised to suit your lifestyle and your needs, all within your budget.

There are many decisions to be made when building a new home and while sticking to the base design options available through a display home may reduce some of the stress associated (including hidden costs) you may not end up with a home you actually want to spend time in. For people who know what they want from the property the amount of options available are less daunting and more exciting. Besides, a builder experienced in in-house design builds can help navigate you through the options best suited for your selected design, style and budget – streamlining the process for you.

Valley homes, Maitland, Builder, Hunter valley, knockdown, home, development, property, investment, land, packageFlexibility on all levels with in-house design

Display homes usually have very specific block size and slope requirements. For example, if the block of land you have purchased is a sloping block or is an unusual shape, i.e., narrow or an acreage, then you may find the display home options extremely limiting. In-house designs however can often be more flexible as there are usually more options available in the first place, plus they are fully customisable to ensure your new home makes the most out of the location and the land specifications.

Sign on the dotted line with confidence

Whether you opt to go down the path of a display home build or want the added flexibility and personalisation of an in-house design you need to do your research. Housing builds can be a minefield of council requirements, design finalisation, engineering certification and construction – display homes and in-house designs alike. So when you choose a building company to trust with such a significant amount of money, make sure they are experienced and manage the entire process for you.

It’s also often a good idea to ask the builder if you could see some builds that were recently completed or better yet if you could speak to the owners to get first-hand feedback on the entire process. Plus, get it in writing what the final package is going to cost – after all you need to be comfortable with the price, as well as the finishes, fixtures and overall design.

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