What will wow in 2020

Trying to predict future design trends is about as easy as knowing which of your new year’s resolutions you will actually end up sticking to. But it’s a lot of fun, gets the creative juices flowing, and can inspire some incredible homes – which is why we think looking forward to 2020 is definitely an exercise worth indulging in! So our team has pulled together some of the most exciting home styling, interior design and building inspirations, to help kick-start your home refresh plans for 2020.

The overarching trend – spaces that embrace nature (biophilia)

Biophilic design is all about creating connections to nature and it is a trend that incorporates interior design, external elements such as façades, and of course, all other homes details, which of course also includes landscaping too. It has been on the rise for a few years now and is set to take centre stage in 2020.

One of the UK’s sustainable architecture and interior design experts, @Oliver_Heath, is a huge advocate for biophilic design and his quick video Exploring Biophilic Design with Oliver Heath is a great introduction into the design trend that is all about harnessing natural light, using natural textures and surfaces, water design, and embracing views and greenery wherever possible. 

Nature inspired 2020 trends – available from our local suppliers

Some of our best-loved suppliers, such as Carpet Court, Valley Kitchens, PGH Bricks and Pavers, and Amber Tiles, are experts in bringing nature into your custom home designs. And here are a few ways they are doing it:

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Timber and mixed material wall panels

Popular as feature walls such, behind bedheads, as well as along large living area walls in open plan living homes, timber wall panels are going to be in high demand in 2020. Carpet Court ready-made wall panels are a cost effective, versatile and simple way to add wall panel features to your 2020 home build. From vertical timber designs through to striking geometric patterns, or even smooth curves, this interior design trend is all about personalisation and embracing your own sense of style.

Terrazzo, timber, natural stone, and marble kitchens

Valley Kitchens’ wide variety of benchtop and cabinetry solutions mean greater connections can be made with nature, day-in-day-out, such as with the wide selection of timber and natural stone benchtops. Terrazzo is still growing in popularity for home styling and can be offset with timber for striking breakfast bar and kitchen worktop combination.

Outdoor and mixed living zones

Raw, rough and textured tiles, pavers, and bricks are increasingly used to create earthy, relaxed and inviting living spaces and gorgeous façades. As 2020 is set to celebrate the outdoors through DIY projects as well as to custom home designs, outdoor rooms are also on the rise. Incorporating fully appointed outdoor kitchens, entertainment units, and of course dining and lounges, custom fire pits and landscaped water features, outdoor rooms require carefully curated flooring tiles and expertly designed brickwork to seamlessly transition these rooms into indoor spaces.

More interior design trends and DIY home refresh solutions

Acreage build Joseph House Valley Homes bedroom

Organic tones and textures: Whether it’s fixed features, such as floor and wall choices, through to décor and paint colours, there is an understated calm is created in spaces which embrace nature’s colour palette. Even small refurbishments and cosmetic improvements can integrate all living spaces in your home to create seamless transitions from one room to the next, giving your home a greater sense of space and cohesion.

Large scale art and floral wallpaper: As home builders, some of the 2020 trends in home styling and interior design are out of our scope of work. However, good early planning can mean that if your custom home dream is an expansive wall to hang your favourite piece of art or a floral wallpaper statement wall, we can design the floorplan that will provide you with those interior design opportunities, e.g. ceiling heights, window and door placements, and even lighting choices made with our in-house design team.

Velvet lounges, cushions and curtains: Velvet is a textural delight that oozes both comfort and luxury. Nothing sets off a sleek timber wall panel or a concrete benchtop or floor like this sensuous fabric. Best used as a statement piece, velvet can be added to your home through home styling choices such as lounges, cushions and even curtains. And again, while our task is floor plans and construction, if you know what design choices you are likely to make, we can help guide you through choosing the right floor, wall and ceiling finishes that will help bring them all together.

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