As experienced duplex builders Valley Homes has been bringing to life a range of duplex designs for many years now. While the duplex plans and prices may vary depending on the block size, developer budgets, and build timeframes, one thing is always consistent for the developers – the location of their development underpins the project’s overall success.

Duplexes are as popular as ever in the Newcastle region

Duplexes in and around Newcastle are still steadily rising in popularity for many reasons, including reduced land availability and the rising cost of land. Duplexes are also still one of the best ways for a first time developer to enter the property market, and they are also an incredibly sound investment if you have chosen to build a duplex as a means of increasing the equity in your land. So duplexes have a lot going for them.

However, no matter how great your duplex designs are, or how attractive the affordability of duplex build costs are, choosing the best location to build your development is essential. Because as all experienced duplex builders will tell you, a duplex build needs to be servicing a demand for housing in the area in which it is being built. That is, having the land and the plans are one thing, but having the market demand is another requirement entirely. And this can be where it pays to look beyond city centres to the surrounding suburbs for your duplex success story.

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Outer Newcastle suburbs continue to attract duplex developers

When deciding to build a duplex the position of the land, especially in terms of natural features, community services, and regional amenities, is paramount. Fortunately for the Newcastle region it definitely ticks a lot of boxes when you go through a builder or developer checklist, proving itself to be an ideal area to build, particularly due to the region’s fast growing economy and population.

But like all regional centres, Newcastle city itself makes up only a small part of the areas geography, and popular duplex and townhouse designs and prices are just as well-suited to surrounding suburbs that can offer greater land availability, more competitive block prices, and good proximity to other drawcards the region has to offer, beyond city-living appeal.

For years we have been working with many local developers to refine our cost to build a duplex, as well as our duplex designs. Over this time we have started to see new opportunities in a number of suburbs, suburbs that are being sought-after by the developers we are duplex builders for. The suburbs of Kahibah and Jesmond are just two of these rising regional stars, and they seem to be coming out on top for good reason…


Jesmond: beyond the student marketDrury St Jesmond Multi-unit development

The University of Newcastle is a major drawcard for Jesmond developers, particularly when it comes to duplex plans and prices targeted at providing student housing solutions. But a growing trend is seeing developers look beyond the student market to also service the thousands of staff that work at the University. After all, many Australian academics, as well as international professors, need a well-appointed place for their families that is also close to where they are working. Jesmond also has a shopping precinct, close proximity to a number of public parks, is next door to the new bypass, and is minutes from the freeway – making it an attractive suburb for property investment.

minutes from quiet beach escapes and the region’s biggest shopping centre

Kahibah is a town that is definitely on the move. It has great coastal access to Redhead and Dudley beaches, is only a stone’s throw away from Glenrock lagoon, including its walking and bike tracks, and Kahibah is neighbours to Charlestown, which boast a massive shopping and entertainment centre. Plus, only a few minutes on the Pacific Highway in the opposite direction will take you to Newcastle’s city centre. Yes, Kahibah is a central location and so it follows that duplex builders, like us, are seeing unprecedented interest from developers who are requesting information on the cost to build a duplex in the town. This seems especially true for families and first-time developers who recognise the opportunities in Kahibah’s generous sized blocks that also happen to be well-suited to our extensive range of duplex designs.

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, Kahibah, Jesmond…

Valley Homes has ten complete duplex plans and prices ready for local developers to start their build. The collection includes townhouse designs and prices, as well as single level duplex designs, featuring a variety of facades, finishes and fixtures. And of course, we can customise duplex plans and prices depending on the individual developer requirements.

Our team of duplex builders know Newcastle. We know the ins-and-outs of duplex build costs and we know outstanding duplex designs. Plus, we also know what is already working for the region’s top developers. So contact us today to find out how our expertise can help your duplex plans become a reality.

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