Here at Valley Homes we happen to know a lot about the upsides of one of the Hunter Valley’s most popular investment options – duplex builds – because we have built quite a few.

But did you know kick-starting your property investment portfolio with our wide range of duplex designs and prices is easier and more cost effective than you might think? The first step to taking advantage of our years of experience building clients’ property investment portfolios is asking us all of your important investment questions. To help you get started, here are answers to our most common duplex questions asked by investors.

Duplex FAQs

Is my block suitable to build a duplex on?Valley Homes Thornton build homes Wirrawee

Generally speaking, most blocks in the Hunter Valley are. Of course, all duplex builds are subject to a site inspection and council approval before any work can commence. Block size, zoning and road access are some of the main elements that will be considered when seeking approvals, as well as if the block has an existing dwelling that would need to be knocked down first, and whether that dwelling is heritage listed. Always seek professional advice and check with council on the block’s suitability for building a duplex before purchasing a property. Maitland City Council, Cessnock City Council and Singleton Council are great starting points, as well as getting in touch with your local duplex builder who has experience building in your chosen suburb.

Can you tell me how much to build a duplex on my block?

Valley Homes Newcastle duplexYes we can! Simply contact a member of our experienced sales team to get the ball rolling. Before a building estimate can be provided, first we need to establish the type of duplex design you are after (e.g., luxury or standard), the block size and location, as well as any council requirements your block is subject to. Then we will provide you with an estimated cost to build a duplex. After receiving the quote, if you decide to go ahead and build your duplex property investment with Valley Homes, we will then formalise your duplex house plans, including design choices, special requests and custom additions, and give you a final cost to build a duplex. After all, we understand the key to successful property investment is knowing exactly what costs you need to pay. This ensures our build comes within your budget and meets your expected return on investment.

Can a duplex be subdivided? If so, Torrens Title of Strata Title?

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In short, yes, but whether your duplex requires Torrens or Strata Title is subject to council requirements. Each state in Australia has variations on strata laws, however NSW recently amended theirs to better reflect modern living and property investment situations. It is something we recommend investors get familiar with, especially if one property will be rented or sold. A specialised strata expert, such as a Property Conveyancer, is a great place to get your strata advice.

How long does a duplex typically take to build?

At Valley Homes we use HIA Building Contracts which have a build time of 32 weeks, subject to the final duplex design, the site requirements, and weather. Plus, Valley Homes offers a turn-key service, meaning at the end of your 32 week build your completed Hunter Valley duplex will be handed over ready to immediately rent or sell.

Does Valley Homes look after the DA application?

Yes, we certainly can. One of the many advantages of building your duplex with an experienced builder is that we know the ins-and-outs of the council DA application process, and we are proud to offer the completion of all required council applications as part of our service. Approval times can vary depending on factors such as if it is an Integrated Development or not, however, turnarounds are usually fairly reasonable.

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Can one half of a duplex be different to the other? 

Absolutely. Many of our Hunter-based investors build one half of the duplex with the intention of living in it themselves. This often means customising and upgrading standard inclusions in one half, to create a more luxurious home, while the other half is fitted out for rental appeal with standard, hard-wearing fittings and fixtures. Plus, many investors have found that increased street appeal and market interest can be achieved by slightly altering the facades to create a sense of two unique properties. Essentially, the duplex house plans are whatever each individual property investor wants to make it. We simply provide the expertise and building assurances to make sure any return on investment is optimised and investors are given the best opportunity to achieve their property aspirations.

If you have any more questions, or want to build your property investment duplex with Valley Homes, then please contact us.

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