A prime piece of acreage is a blank canvas for any residential home builder. A dream home can be tailored to the individual needs and desires of the resident. Landowners intent on building a dream home using acreage property face an exciting range of possibilities as well as a number of challenges, but the path becomes much simpler with a defined and reliable process. Valley Homes offer an exceptional one-on-one service every step of the way from initial discussions through to stepping over the threshold of your new home.

Set a Budget

The most important part of building a dream home is to set a budget well in advance of the planning stages. A hard cap on expenses helps builders make more efficient decisions about resources and lessens the chance of a design suddenly becoming too ambitious. Wants and needs should be evaluated carefully against the total to minimise unnecessary costs.

Develop a plan

Building on acreage requires Development Approval from the local council and this requires a comprehensive building proposal. The application is evaluated for its total impact on the surrounding area and even a minor issue or oversight could mean the denial of a proposal. For this reason it is beneficial to have an application prepared by a professional builder like Valley Homes.

Be prepared to compromise

Local building codes can occasionally create restrictions on the designs of a dream home. There are a multitude of factors that go into a home’s suitability for construction from technical issues such as drainage to aesthetic concerns about the size and layout of a home. Any concerns raised must be addressed in the finalised plans in order to receive approval and for most landowners, it is better to sacrifice small elements of the ultimate dream home design to ensure it can become anything more than a dream.

Stick to your budget

It cannot be emphasised enough how surprisingly easy it is for home construction to rapidly spiral out of control without a professional to guide you – beware of hidden expenses.

Planning and building a dream home can quickly become a nightmare without the proper plans in place. Valley Homes will take care of the building process from start to finish.

Most important when planning a dream home is to consider its long-term potential. The best home designs in the Hunter Valley not only fulfill all of their resident’s current needs but grow with them to respond to changes in their lives and lifestyles. Careful consideration, meticulous planning and well-advised action are essential components for building your dream acreage home.

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