If you have a block of land you intend to build on, or are currently shopping around for your ideal building site, then you’ll be well aware that your next big decision will be a big one – whether to use a building designer or an architect to construct your dream home. We happen to believe a building designer wins every time.

What is the difference between an architect and a designer?

There are actually many similarities between an architect and a designer. That is, both can produce equally creative homes and may be involved throughout the entire construction process. The main difference is an architect has a degree in architecture and needs to be registered with their state’s governing body. Whereas designers may be tertiary educated, they don’t have any formal education, registration or licensing requirements in most Australian states, including NSW. However, building designers still have to comply with building and planning regulations. Meaning, with either option the final house will be structurally sound and comply with the latest energy efficiency requirements.

Top 3 reasons why choosing an in-house plan from a building designer is a good decision:

1. Price

While you may find an architect who can deliver a fully customised design for a similar price to a pre-designed homebuilder’s, what you may end up discovering is for that price you are making some rather large concessions – and this may mean reduced size. In-house designs from an established homebuilder usually start at a very competitive price. Plus, after you have finalised the design, with any customisations you require, the price is usually fixed. This can be a huge advantage when keeping to a set budget.

2. Experience

The level of experience for either an architect or a building designer is quite important when choosing which you will put in charge of your home design. However, something to consider with a pre-designed plan is that the house plan is actually experienced as well. For those seeking a completely unique design, this may not be appealing. However, if it’s a reliable, contemporary design you are after (which can still be customised to suit your lifestyle and personality) then you can’t go past an in-house design.

3. Complete package

Housing builds can be a minefield of council requirements, design finalisation, engineering certification and construction. When you choose an in-house design from an experienced building company you will also be signing up for their complete package – streamlining building process. That is, most provide the full service complete with turnkey peace-of-mind.

Valley Homes has a host of In-House Designs available to choose from, backed by a team of experienced Building Designers and over 40 years of building expertise. Plus, if you are already working with an architect we can also take care of the construction elements of your build. Talk to our team to find out how we can build your dream home.