Inspiring building trends heading into 2023

To activate your new year plans whether it’s to build an investment property, new home or simply add a spark of inspiration to your current home we’ve pooled together all the best 2023 trends. There’s a lot to get excited about!

PROPERTY INVESTORS: Put your focus where it matters

If your aim is to build an investment property as part of your 2023 financial goals, we’ve got two really crucial pieces of property investment information to share that will give you cause to be optimistic.

1. Look locally

Terry Ryder, specialist researcher/writer on residential property for over 35 years, is the creator of annual property report, Hotspotting. He observed that the tendency for property commentators and economists to generalise real estate markets – by discussing Australia as a single market – is impacting consumer’s knowledge of what is actually happening on the ground. His report revealed “countless examples of the reality that real estate is essentially a local affair, with markets within markets.”

This is a heartening reminder of what we already know to be true within Newcastle, Maitland, the Hunter Valley and Port Stephens.

2. Invest to meet the demand

In terms of property investment, the demand for affordable rentals continues to increase. In fact, ‘Units popular in good locations’ was one of The Property Tribune’s Top 5 Australian Property Market Trends for 2023. Weighing in on the discussion, Terry Ryder agrees. Buyers are seeking out affordable units in city areas. Ryder adds, “with borders open and overseas migrants and students returning, demand from renters and buyers of units has risen – and vacancies have dropped markedly.”

Newcastle and Hunter Valley councils have zoned areas for multi-unit investment development so the time and demand is right for this type of property investment.

Aerial view of historic Morpeth and Hunter River in New South Wales
BulBul duplex design Hunter Valley

HOME BUILDERS: Get smart on size, style, nature & colour

1. Smaller Homes

Another one of the very practical 2023 trends is the focus on smaller homes. “Due to current supply chain issues, the costs of building and renovating are rising so steeply, we expect to see a lean towards smaller homes with less of an environmental footprint,” says Emma Mahlook, creative director of Mim Design.

If your dream is to build a new home and economy of size matters, Valley Homes’ Urban Home Series is the perfect solution. If you’re tempted to go a step further and build an investment property then a Valley Homes duplex design could also be the answer. More than just a builder, Valley Homes’ in-house designers can customise all plans to suit your needs. 

2. Sustainable inspiration

So many 2023 trends continue on the theme of sustainability. Beyond the obvious eco-friendly features in homes like solar panels, wall and ceiling insulation and energy-efficient appliances, there’s more emphasis on true sustainability, looking at the entire picture and sourcing close to home is also part of this. Daniel Boddam, founder and director at Daniel Boddam Studio says, “Locally sourced furniture and materials that go into a project will help reduce the embodied energy component that goes into a building, and with it we take a step towards the circular economy.”

3. More fun ideas

‘Vintage Finds’ fits into the sustainability theme while adding something unique to the story of your home. The mix and match and layering of different textures and choice pieces is a feature of 2023 trends.

Gone are the smooth flat surfaces of previous trends. As a celebration of the senses, we’ll be seeing more textured materials from stone and grained timbers as well as rugs, throws and varied fabrics to create welcoming and eye-catching spaces. Picture natural elements like stone fireplaces and live-edge wood furnishings such as a rough, rounded edge on a coffee table from the girth of the tree.

4. Outside-in

This leads us to the ongoing biophilic obsession which gained popularity during the Covid19 pandemic lockdowns, as people sought to bring nature inside with a variety of indoor plants and living walls. This trend continues, with tons of designers taking their cues from nature via organic shapes and natural textures.

Katrina Yaxley, Home Beautiful Creative director also suggests sheer curtains to allow a celebration of green views. If you don’t have access to garden views, another option is to group oversized foliage in large, textured vases to bring joy and life to any room.

5. Colour Inspiration

In terms of colour trends, it could be possible to say ‘anything goes!’ but the general theme is drawn from nature: warm tones as well as a daring splash of colour. It’s no surprise that the Pantone Colour Institute chose Viva Magenta as this year’s colour. It’s described as “expressive of a new signal of strength” and “a pulsating colour whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration.”

You bring the vision and we’ll build it

So on this note of optimism, we hope our ideas bring you the inspiration to make 2023 the year to fulfill your property dreams. Whether it’s to build a new home or an investment development, call the team at Valley Homes – we’re here to help make it happen.