It’s probably no surprise that Valley Homes would recommend a knockdown rebuild over a renovation 90% of the time. After all, building homes in and around Newcastle is what we do, and we have a team of knock down and rebuild specialists who have years of experience doing just that. But there is much more to it than building being our business…

When it comes to answering the question – knockdown vs renovate – sometimes the house in question should be preserved. It may have historical relevance, tell unique tales of the suburb, or even be part of Australian culture. In such cases it would be a shame to lose that part of our collective story, which is why councils have regulations requiring approvals before any builder can go ahead with any major construction on a home. But if you have the all clear to renovate or detonate then you might need to read on, because we are about to state our case for a knockdown rebuild with construction facts that are hard to ignore.

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Renovations can be disruptive

Sure, it is true that any rebuild or renovation will impact on your life while the build is in progress. But one of the most common reasons people consider a renovation over a rebuild is that they can save money by living in the home while it is being renovated. The reality is, larger renovations tend to stretch over a much longer period of time than a rebuild, which can negatively impact your lifestyle if you are living in the home throughout. This is largely due to the fact the home owner may be responsible for scheduling trades and sourcing materials in and amongst usual weekly work routines, quite often needing to also save for the costs during the process, which means that your life may be dominated by the changes to your home for a much longer period of time.

Cost to knockdown and rebuild home

However, if you are able to outsource to an experienced renovation builder to take care of project management and trades for you, and you already have the funds available, then a renovation might be looking good. But, this brings us to our next point of discussion – cost. The truth is, most of the time the cost to knockdown and rebuild home is cheaper than a full renovation. Why is that? With a rebuild you can optimise construction materials and base designs by opting to build with a reputable knock down rebuild builder. In the case of a rebuild additional savings can be made because you don’t need to match materials with pre-existing structures, and you don’t need to commission a bespoke property architectural design.

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Less maintenance with new

Speaking of architects, another common outcome of a renovation is that the build generally doesn’t address the entire structure of the home – most renovation agreements are to add extensions or additional floors. In which case, yes, you will have new sections of the home with entirely new elements that will last for many years to come, but you also still have the existing structural elements that may require ongoing maintenance.

So, at the end of the day, a knockdown rebuild is a fresh start. Your ongoing maintenance bills are going to be minimised.

Rebuilds and real estate advice

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With fresh starts, such as a knock down, you might also attract better sale figures when and if you choose to move on. This is where it might pay to speak to real estate agents in your surrounding suburbs and run some figures. We suggest getting an evaluation on your property as it currently stands, a value estimate after the renovation has been completed, and a sale estimate of a brand new home. If your quotes for a renovation are on par or similar to a full knock down and rebuild project, but the sale figures are in favour of a new build, it can be hard to argue with a convincing bottom-line.

Future proof your knockdown rebuild with us

Plus, with a rebuild you have the options to do things that weren’t really a consideration when your original home was built. For example, solar passive design and or the choice to land renovate, which might alter the position of the home on the block, are modern approaches to home building you could take advantage of. Our team has so many knockdown rebuild ideas and experiences we would love to share, so please get in touch if you’re in the Newcastle or surrounding suburbs to discuss your property’s potential