Knockdown rebuild: the benefits of clearing the canvas

People often think of a knockdown as only a drastic but necessary response to major structural issues with a home: subsidence, termites, fire or storm damage, however there are many reasons why you might decide to knock down and rebuild home or a  KDRB as it is also called in the construction industry.

Knockdown vs renovate

Renovating can have great appeal however attempts to retain the old world charm and unique features of your home can make the process complicated and lengthy. Major renovations usually entail replacing bathrooms and kitchens which is costly enough but it’s often during a renovation that a house’s worst structural secrets are revealed leading to further delays and budget blowouts. With the price of building at a premium, time and resources need to be used effectively. 

If your knockdown rebuild is being done by an experienced builder you’ll know exactly what the final cost will be from the outset. The beauty of a knockdown is that you start your rebuild on a blank canvas giving you the freedom to design your ideal home on your block of land without the need to compromise.

Why move away from the suburb you love for more space?

You originally bought your home because you liked the area, perhaps because it was centrally located or close to great schools. These days the little weatherboard house feels too cramped now that the kids and all their friends are bigger. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted a studio space for that creative project or an office space for the new business. The bottom line is: you need extra space. Buying a bigger block of land means a move to a different suburb which also means paying stamp duty, real estate fees and potentially still needing to do some basic renovation to make the new place home. Could a knockdown rebuild be the answer? Stay in the neighbourhood you love and make the most of your block of land. By doing a KDRB you’re not restricted by the original floor plan and an effective design can make better use of your space.

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Knockdown Rebuild: the surprising solution to increasing energy efficiency

Novocastrians often delude themselves that winters are brief, and yet every year, when the temperature dramatically drops in June, there’s a collective moan about how cold it is! The simple fact is that so many Newcastle homes are not properly heated or insulated. Retrofitting insulation in the walls is costly and increased charges for power bills mean long term solutions are being sought.

A knockdown rebuild is a great opportunity to reposition your house on your block of land to take advantage of the northern light for greater sunlight on solar panels and to incorporate a solar passive design. Draughts sneaking in through your weatherboards and floorboards will be a thing of the past with improved building materials. Windows with efficient seals will also ensure your home’s temperature remains stable.

A knockdown rebuild is a great opportunity to reposition your house on your block of land to take advantage of the northern light for greater sunlight on solar panels and to incorporate a solar passive design.

Knockdown rebuild for investment

The knockdown rebuild is also a great idea when your home has outgrown you! It’s served the family well over the years but you’re wondering if it’s time to downsize. Once again, moving house involves dealing with estate agents, paying stamp duty and, worst of all, leaving the neighbourhood you’ve grown to love. Why not capitalise on your block of land and consider a knockdown rebuild for investment? A duplex build can provide a smaller more practical home with less maintenance for yourself and the second property can be sold or rented out so you can enjoy the income.

You may even consider a duplex or dual occupancy to allow for another member of the family to live in close proximity — intergenerational living at its best with plenty of ‘space in your togetherness’! Whatever you choose, a knockdown rebuild for investment enables you to unlock the potential of your existing block and increase the value of your land. 

Of course, you don’t have to be a retiree to consider this option. If a block of land is large enough to accommodate more than one property and the council regulations and zoning allow, a multi-unit build is a great way to meet the call for affordable infill housing. Savvy developers see the knockdown rebuild as a great opportunity for long term investment.

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Where to start?

When considering a KDRB it’s important to factor in the costs for everything from the demolition of your existing property to the design and build. Don’t get overwhelmed! Valley Homes is the Hunter Valley and Newcastle construction company that can help you understand all the ins and outs of a knockdown rebuild. We’ll provide the complete picture including knowledge of council regulations and zoning, as well as full transparency on the cost to knockdown and rebuild with no hidden extras.

Contact us to find out more – with over 50 years of experience in the construction industry Valley Homes provides the best service when it comes to a knockdown rebuild.