If you’re interested in property in regional Australia a rural acreage offers more than spacious living solutions, acreages are also positioned in a strong sector of the property market.

Right now regional Australia is one of the most stable markets on the current property landscape and an astute investment in regional land ownership is a relatively solid one. In fact, in New South Wales, regional blocks of land that are suitable for generous acreage home plans are plentiful, as well as being quite economical, which makes them an attractive building investment.

However, if you are unfamiliar with regional living or are unsure about what to look out for in an acreage block, the prospect can be daunting. So this article will help you start to think through your options.

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Know your acreage plans and property ambitions

A cleverly planned house design for an acreage is a great starting point to establish your building budget. This step ensures you have a clear indication of acreage house costs, as well as initiates and establishes a relationship with a regional builder. But there is something just as pressing to know – your property purpose.

Is your property for permanent living or is it going to be a weekender? Are you planning on building a retreat on the site to create an additional income stream? Is it your plan to run a hobby farm with a few animals? Or plant a small crop such as an orchard? Or are your house designs for an acreage part of your retirement plan with a focus on long-term easy management?

When thinking through these questions listed above, it will soon become obvious that your acreage purpose will determine size, type and even the location of suitable properties. So now ask yourself, do you want a:

  • small block of about 3 to 5 acres,
  • medium 40 plus acres,
  • larger scale farm that would require 100 plus acres

Knowing the intended purpose of your acreage can be a critical element to the overall success of your rural property venture, because there are more outcomes to consider than simply size and budget. There can be restrictions placed on certain blocks of land by state or local authorities, including the fact that some blocks are not able to be cleared. Such restrictions might mean you can’t build that stately acreage or become the Hunter Valley’s next boutique vineyard on your particular rural block of land.

Clearing may also be the least of your problems if soil type, access to water, climate, or connected services are not suited to your needs either. So once you know your purpose, make sure you determine what specific characteristics your block of land requires.

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Get to know your neighbours

Once you have nailed down your purpose, block requirements, have a budget outline and have a rough idea of acreage house prices by talking to an experienced acreage builder, the next course of action to take is spending time in the particular area. Some developers suggest a minimum of a year researching your chosen part of regional New South Wales to allow the entire scope of seasons to be observed. Of course, that may not be possible to many. So another great avenue for property research the area is to talk to the local land owners.

Find out what they do and how they manage their property through the seasons. Plus, even though rural neighbours aren’t necessarily on top of you like it would be the case in the city, the activities or business conducted on their property may create dust, smoke, noise or even odours that could affect your own business plans, or hinder the type of lifestyle you wish to create. So a quick chat at this early stage can save you a lot of time and money in the future.

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When designing your acreage house plans there may be increased fire safety measures to consider, or more fencing required than your last place. However, the good news is, acreage house prices are often less expensive than their inner-city counterparts even though the acreage house plans can take in much larger space. This means you can design your acreage to give you and your loved ones space to breathe and take in the natural surrounds, while you are also saving investment costs on the purchase price of your block of land in comparison to buying a much smaller city block.

If you want to find out more about the types of acreage designs our team can build for you, or ask about a custom designed architectural build on your prized piece of New South Wales land, then please take a look at our extensive range of acreage designs. Alternatively, get in touch with one of our experienced team members who will offer acreage advice, as well as get your project underway.