Developing a property into a multi-unit development can be a profitable decision but the process of taking the project from concept to execution is complex and multifaceted. Multi-unit developments require meticulous planning and a careful evaluation of all factors related to the development’s construction, maintenance and overall impact on the surrounding area.

The first step in planning a residential or commercial multi-unit development is performing a comprehensive assessment of the property’s suitability for the project.

While the Council reviews an application, it also informs local residents of the planned development and makes much of the information involved available for public review. This is a critical stage as it is here that many inadequately prepared proposals fall through.

Even the most minor objection from the public or the Council itself can result in substantial delays in a development plan or even the outright rejection of the proposal and although an appeal process is available, pursuing an appeal frequently represents an unexpected drain on project resources. For this reason it is essential that an application to develop a multi-unit residential space be polished, thorough and flexible from the outset.

A professional development planning firm can provide a land owner tremendous assistance in navigating the complex path to multi-unit development, offering guidance on the best ways to ensure a speedy approval the first time. Planning consultants use their experience in the field to craft detailed applications that make the benefits of development and construction clear to a community to achieve approvals much more quickly.

The preparation of your proposal and scope of your project can also affect the number of units that can be built on a property. Considerations include the orientation of the site relative to the sun, parking solutions, sustainability measures and land slope. Only a professional can properly evaluate these aspects of a property to fine-tune a development plan for the best and most profitable outcome.

Planning a multi-unit development is an extremely technical affair and failure to account for all the factors involved is sure to cripple a project before it ever gets off the ground. Large-scale development requires large-scale planning and the painstaking nature of the process makes it a formidable challenge for even the most experienced developers. Trusting a professional development and planning builder such as Valley Homes can save land-owners in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley years of red tape and can be the most important resource needed for a multi-unit development project.