With a custom design build you can create your sanctuary, entertainment hub, business HQ, or whatever you’re into, on a more modest budget than an architect’s plans might deliver on – no wonder custom house design services are in such high demand. So, let’s get inspired…

Tailored floor plans and future-proofing

The opportunities to customise go far beyond property considerations, such as building on a narrow, sloping or unusually shaped block – they can provide the flexibility to create your dream property. A custom floor plan that suits your lifestyle now, as well as your family’s needs in the future, means you can benefit from your home design for a much longer period. Customisation of floor plans generally begins with establishing the number of rooms needed and where they are to be positioned in the home, as well as the size of the rooms, e.g., do you plan to entertain a lot, have a house full of children, get into gourmet cuisine, or make the most of your natural surrounds through integrated inside-outside spaces? By gaining an understanding of your needs – now and future – will mean your home design can be future-proof.

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However, future-proofing is more than simply considering bedroom sizes and numbers. Other common features to help future-proof your home design might be to increase door widths and bathroom sizes, add custom fittings, or even to include accessibility ramps. This can be particularly important if you’re nearing retirement years and intend to stay in the house long-term. Financially it also makes good sense to consider your future needs from the outset. This can reduce alteration costs in the future or avoid having to sell prematurely – reinforcing the affordable nature of custom house design, if careful planning has gone into the project.

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Other special additions:

As already mentioned, a custom house design can help a new home builder address site requirements and future-proofing. But how about the fun stuff? You know, those special spaces you’ve always dreamt of and all of your unique home design ideas…

Artist studio/teenage retreat. You might have always wanted your own artist’s studio to paint, make music, write or a place simply to hideaway and relax. As you might imagine, studios require good natural light, can especially benefit from quiet areas of a home, and are often detached from the main building. So, a spare bedroom generally won’t compare to a well-planned, custom design studio. A good studio needs a bit of open space, often larger than a standard bedroom allows, and that is where customisation can provide a simple and affordable property solution. Studios can often double as guest spaces or can make an ideal teenager hangout as your family needs change.

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Epic home entertainment. Many modern homes feature home cinema spaces as a standard, but the beauty of a custom house design means you can take the standard home cinema to the next level. This might include allowing for tiered seating, wired in tech, block-out screens, bar area, you name it.

Complete office set-up. And while all this talk of injecting fun and life-long dreams into development planning is exciting, business needs are increasingly on a client’s list of requirements. A substantial home office might be needed at the property, beyond a study nook or a converted spare bedroom. To meet many people’s modern work demands, the ideal home design includes a fully functional workspace, possibly with external access so clients don’t need to access the main part of the home. A complete office set-up could also save businesses from paying unnecessary office rent, adding to the overall affordability of a custom house design.

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Workout in comfort. Also, as health is an increasing focus for many people living in and around Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, a home gym is also a popular request when clients are using our custom design service. Forget being relegated to a cold cement garage to run on your treadmill or lift weights – design a purpose-built space with air-conditioning, insulation, carpet if you prefer, even with wall mounted screens and surround sound speakers.

Affordable lifestyles

Custom house designs are the perfect middle ground for most people looking to build in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle and surrounds – they have a quality assured starting point with streamlined building efficiencies, which might include slab engineering, roof pitch, structural materials, orientation, through to certain finishes and fittings. But then you get to take that starting point and create something truly unique. Plus, the customisation ideas outlined in this article are just the beginning.

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