When you think of a terrace house, it’s often the old-fashioned Victorian era home that comes to mind. However, these days, architects are re-imagining this old style of house to provide 21st century Australians with a home that’s not only affordable, but also incredibly stylish.

What is a terrace?

First things first. Let’s establish exactly what we mean when we say ‘terrace’. This is a home that has its own private grounds and has no dwellings either above or below it. While a terrace is often attached to another home, they can also be freestanding, but are often very close to neighbouring houses – sometimes less than half a metre separates them. A townhouse falls under the same definition.

Narrowing it down

So why would you choose to build a terrace or townhouse? If you’re a property investor, building a complex of townhouses or a row of terraces could be a great development strategy.

For homeowners, a standalone terrace or townhouse can be a fantastic choice of home for certain blocks. For instance, if you find a narrow block in your dream location, a cleverly designed townhouse or terrace could provide you with a spacious home that maximises your property.

By design

When you’ve got a tricky sized block, it’s worth considering employing an architect to design the plans for a townhouse or terrace. An architect can bring their creative problem-solving skills to designing your home, ensuring it’s customised to meet your needs. What’s more, unlike the cookie-cutter designs of the townhouses and terraces of yesteryear, today’s interpretations can be designed to your tastes – from adding traditional touches to keeping it sleek and minimalist.

If you want to use an architect to design your terrace or townhouse, the Australian Institute of Architects is a great place to begin your search. And don’t forget good old word of mouth. Ask around for recommendations and try to have a look at some homes that suit your style.

Built to order

Of course, once you’ve found an architect and designed your new home, it’s time to look for a builder who has the experience to bring your plans to life. Valley Homes has extensive experience of working with local architects and they pride themselves on the relationships they’ve established over their 40+ years in the building business.

A mix of old and new

If you’re yet to decide on a location for your terrace or townhouse, have you considered Maitland? Valley Homes has built many houses in this thriving city that’s just a short drive from Newcastle. Locals love it because it blends history and modernity with a lovely peaceful vibe to boot. While there’s plenty of new land opening up around Maitland, you can still find lovely pockets in the heart of the action that would be perfect for a standalone townhouse or terrace.

Valley Homes would love to bring your architectural designs to life so contact them today to see your house plans transformed into a beautiful home.