Building a home is a bit like solving a jigsaw puzzle: there are a variety of pieces that need to fit together perfectly to create the finished picture. Of course, jigsaw puzzles typically arrive with each piece perfectly cut and all neatly packaged.

It’s not like you need to source materials, design and cut out each piece first! So too, when building a new home, the majority of people don’t want the responsibility of finding every trade needed to build a house – from designing and draughting to plumbing and tiling. They don’t want to be overwhelmed by having to source all the materials either. That’s why it’s beneficial to work with a building company that brings together all the right people, quality materials and the best products. It’s even better if they’ve built strong relationships with local trades and local suppliers. Achieving that finished picture is a lot less stressful when you have the right support located within your area.

The beauty of choosing a company that works with local suppliers is that it’s easy to pop into showrooms to seek inspiration. Not sure what carpet you’d like in the bedrooms? Need more information about the difference between various weaves or materials? What better way to help you decide than by visiting a showroom and stepping onto the carpet  with your bare feet and really get a feel for what you’d like to have in your home. The consultants are there to answer the multitude of questions you have and can help take the guesswork out of choosing the right flooring for your home.

Researching online can be a great place to start when planning to build a new home but something like colour-matching is often problematic. In fact, it can be frustrating and even misleading if that shade of green cabinetry you really liked on one kitchen website turns out to be more khaki than olive. In a showroom you can see the cabinetry, stone bench or bathroom tiles for yourself. So often, the way in which surfaces catch the light provides a whole new perspective. Frequently customers are inspired by what they see on display and contemplate colour schemes that they hadn’t considered before.

Also, when you visit a showroom, you’ve got the benefit of chatting with staff who are happy to share their expertise and provide you with samples to take home. It can become a real team effort as they work with you to help piece together all those parts of the puzzle to build your dream home.

They can also be of assistance when it comes to making choices for a building investment. Sometimes a more objective perspective is needed when choosing fixtures and fittings for an investment property as choices need to be made based on practical needs rather than personal preferences.

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Having that face-to-face contact makes the whole decision-making process much less daunting. Time and again, customers recommend local trades and services based on positive experience. Word of mouth is a valuable means of advertising for businesses so it’s in their interest to ensure you are completely happy with their products and service. Their reputation rests on your satisfaction.

We’re all too aware of the negative impact the Covid 19 pandemic has had on the economy in Newcastle, Maitland and the Hunter. By choosing a company like Valley Homes to help you build your home, you can be sure that the people working on your project will be local suppliers and local trades. You can make a real and positive contribution to rebuilding the local economy and protect local jobs. Valley Homes believes in supporting the community from which its business has grown.

What’s more, using local suppliers reduces transport costs and contributes to your project staying on budget and to schedule. There’s nothing worse than discovering an unexpected delay for an interstate delivery. With our recent experience of border closures the risk of delays has been increased. Local suppliers can bring you greater reliability.

Utilising local suppliers isn’t just an economic concern it’s an environmental plus. Working with Valley Homes and their local suppliers mean there’s shorter distances for transporting supplies so less carbon emissions. You’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to the protection of our beautiful environment.

Since 1971, Valley Homes has worked hard to build strong relationships with local suppliers in Newcastle and the Hunter to ensure every project is constructed with only the best, locally sourced materials.

Time and again, Valley Homes customers have praised the professionalism of the teams that deliver quality work, on time and within budget. So take the puzzle out of your home build and get in touch with Valley Homes today.