The first step to building your architecturally designed dream home isn’t finding the perfect block of land, an architect, or even a reputable builder – although you will have to do all three – it’s finding out exactly who you are and how you want to live.

Step 1. Answer the big questions first

You probably have visions about what your home will look like and what your new life will be when it is all finished – write it down – including all of your big ideas. If you’re going to the trouble of hiring an architect to design your home when there are many excellent and most likely more affordable pre-designed floor plans available, there must be a reason. Know what you want included to make the house really yours. Plus, make sure you include the basics, such as the number of bedrooms and kitchen size – as this will help in Step 2…

Step 2. Determine your budget

It’s critical to your project to find out how much money you actually want (and have) to spend, ensuring you give yourself room for contingencies. Setting your budget now will help you narrow down options and make faster decisions later on – and there will be plenty of decisions to make throughout the building process. When you are happy with the information you have in front of you, only then are you ready to start on the exciting and rewarding journey of building your very own architecturally designed home. Strap yourself in.

Step 3. Listen to the location

The location and size of your land will dictate many things about your build, so it is fairly important to know this from the outset. A narrow inner city block in Newcastle calls for a very different design to an expansive luxury acreage in the Hunter Valley. You may already own your block of land – and may already live on it – or you may be buying in an entirely new area. Regardless, try and get a feel for the space, its outlook, neighbouring properties etc. This may actually help you with any unanswered questions from Step 1.

Step 4. Choose your ideal architect

The architect is the person or organisation you are handing your dreams over to, to custom design a home that brings your vision to life – so take your time. Research the styles and specialities of the architects in your local area. Find out who are winning the awards and if their style suits your own. Talk to their most recent clients and find out if they were happy with the service they received. It pays to also make sure they are registered with the New South Wales Architects Registration Board.

Step 5. Call on construction experts

Building a new home is one of the biggest investments many people make in their lifetime, so it makes sense to only trust professionals. Unless you are a qualified builder with a team of construction experts behind you, this is probably not a job you want to cut your teeth on. It is advisable to look for someone who knows the local trade, has good relationships with local suppliers and is willing to work with the architect of your choice. Plus, an experienced builder will be able to provide you with accurate costs from the outset!

If you are already up to Step 5 and are looking for a local builder to work with your chosen architect, the Valley Homes team is up for the challenge. Talk to us today.