Renovation reality shows are all over the television at the moment and while they boast great results they have also highlighted three things that all renovations have in common – they are expensive, take a lot of hard work and unexpected issues arise all the time. All three things create great drama for television, but in reality a knockdown rebuild creates better results. Here’s why:

Custom design your dreams

Once your house has been demolished your design options are only limited by your budget, property size and your imagination. With a custom design you can finally have your ideal floor plan without having to be confined with the current shape and size of the existing building. Create that dream open plan living area, build that bathroom that says luxury spa or include space for that walk-in wardrobe you’ve always needed.

New means less maintenance

Every single thing in your home will be new again – no old wiring or plumbing, you’ll have fresh plaster, the house frame will be strong and your roof will be rock solid. Plus, all of the interior fittings will be new too – your kitchen and bathroom will be fitted out with the latest inclusions. All of this means that once you have signed off on the price, you won’t be reaching into your pocket for unforeseen repairs any time soon.

No need to pay stamp duty

Yes you have to pay for the demolition of your existing property when you choose to knockdown and rebuild, but you don’t have to pay stamp duty, which can be quite a hefty figure. Basically stamp duty is a fee to the government you have to pay when a sale or transfer of land is completed. By choosing to build your dream home on land you already own you avoid this expensive fee.

Energy efficient construction

Many older homes weren’t built with the Australian environment in mind and the materials at the time were just not as advanced as what is available today. A new home will be built to comply with the latest environmental requirements, including insulation and optimised water and energy usage. It can also incorporate custom designs to provide the best lifestyle outcomes and make the most of property aspect.

Fixed pricing with turnkey assurance

When you choose to build a new home with a reputable, experienced builder there are a host of benefits. Such as, they usually deal with all the council regulations and requirements and have local knowledge and suppliers. But more than simplifying the entire construction process, they have a price and stick to it. The unexpected extra costs of a renovation don’t have to be a concern when you are building new.

Think a Knockdown Rebuild might right for you?

Turn Your Knockdown into a Knockout is a comprehensive article outlining the top five reasons why people choose a knockdown rebuild project.

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