The ideal flexible home design: affordable, adaptable and sustainable

When it comes to great house design ask any architect or savvy house builder in the Hunter Valley for the three words most often spoken on the topic and they’ll tell you: affordable, adaptable and sustainable. With interest rates on the rise and the continued demand for eco-wise approaches to design and building practices, home builders are seeking out affordable architecture to deliver both practical and creative design solutions. 

Design suited to the Australian Climate

The sustainable home builder is aware that effective architectural design must harness the best of the Australian climate as well as the specific challenges it presents. In a region that experiences an average of eight hours of sunlight a day, the Hunter Valley builder can take full advantage of that solar energy with the use of passive design principles. Effective design that incorporates sunlight in the winter months can contribute to reduction in heating costs.

Passive design principles factor in the orientation of the house on the block of land, making best use of the northern aspect. This can be particularly advantageous in winter months. Wherever the sun falls on a thermal mass, be it concrete or tiled flooring, the heat will be absorbed during the day and radiate that warmth long after the sun has disappeared. 

Likewise, reducing the impact of the sun in the summer months through adequate shading with the use of deep eaves or verandah, will lessen the reliance on air-conditioning and its expense.

Quality insulation and glazing are also core to passive design principles in order to keep in the warmth in winter and cool in summer. To maintain a comfortable living environment, adequate airflow is also an important aspect of effective design. 

Flexible home design that has it all!

Offering architecturally inspired designs at an affordable price, The Valley Series allows homeowners to tailor the best aspects of flexible home design to suit their needs. These Hunter Valley house designs are perfect for both the first time buyer or the investor, whether you’re looking for a modern or heritage styled home that includes favourite contemporary features. The secret of the Valley Series is the mix and match home design with a range of modern and heritage front and rear façades.

Valley Homes series residential rear facade design

Heritage appeal

For some home owners the heritage style perfectly fits their vision of a classic Hunter Valley house design. The Valley Series has five pitched roof front and rear façades that would blend with the character of an older suburb or simply satisfy the desire for the Hamptons look.

A popular destination for wealthy New Yorkers, The Hamptons district of Long Island in the USA, is the source of inspiration for this ever-popular style. Hamptons is all about indoor/outdoor living and features large windows that fill the home with light. With the Valley Series it’s possible to capture the classic Hamptons style by choosing a front and rear façade with a pitched roof veranda and weatherboard effect. Painting the fascia and timber posts white will finesse the look. It’s a timeless style that comes across as effortless and charming. 

Modern lines

The Valley Series also offers contemporary designs with modern front and rear façades that include the skillion roof and covered outdoor area. These stylish designs provide a real contrast to the traditional pitched or gabled roofline. Some homeowners keen to install solar panels also have a preference for this style.

With all of the Valley Series floor plans you will find the best in modular home design including an open plan kitchen with generous living area utilising passive design principles.

There are a variety of layouts to satisfy every homeowner from ‘The Compact’, to fit the smaller block and budget to ‘The Connoisseur’ with its generous sized kitchen and servery while ‘The Executive’ is perfect for those looking to work from home.

The biophilic design principles of bringing the outside in and incorporating nature inspired elements  to contribute to health and well being have been applied to the Valley Series not only with use of natural light but also the inclusion of an alfresco area in each design. ‘The Sanctuary’ has the added bonus of private courtyard off the master bedroom, in which an abundance of plants could be cultivated to create a personal oasis of tranquility.

‘The Entertainer’ also has a private courtyard as well as a media room while ‘The Classic’ simply provides all you could want in a four bedroom home.

Valley Homes series residential rear facade design

The house builder in the Hunter Valley to offer the complete service 

Investors and buyers seeking  affordable architecture that allow use of passive design principles suited to the Australian climate need look no further than the Valley Series. And who better to build it than Valley Homes, the Hunter Valley builder with over 50 years experience in the construction industry. We keep the business of homebuilding simple and guide you all the way from design to build.