With so much to offer, it is easy to understand why the Hunter Valley is fast becoming a shining star when it comes to luxurious acreages for all types of tree-change adventurers…

Have it all in the Hunter Valley

A tree-change has long been a popular choice for retirees and empty-nesters who are looking to relax in a slower paced environment, as well as for families wanting to spend less time commuting and more time together. Now it is also a growing market for younger Australians too, people who want to create stronger connections to the environment and improve their work-life balance, while still building on their careers.

The Hunter Valley’s regional property market is still considered strong with Newcastle and some of the wider suburbs achieving solid results and continued growth. But it is further afield in the Hunter Valley that this quiet revolution is taking place. The tree-changers who are seeking something unique, tranquil, and nestled in nature, are discovering you can have all of that while still having access to some of the state’s best facilities and amenities, a regional airport for relaxed getaways or business trips, and fast road access through to employment opportunities in Newcastle and Sydney.

Locals like us know all too well how great it is to live in the Hunter Valley; it’s a part of country New South Wales where space is ample, land is available and property prices aren’t astronomical. It’s also wine country, big music acts drop by, it has solid career opportunities, and has a university not too far away too – and the best part – building your dream home is still an achievable Aussie dream. Which is why many people who make the tree-change opt for an acreage build in the Hunter Valley.

After all, if you’re going to the trouble of uprooting your life, saying so-long to good friends, or switching jobs, then you’re going to want to make the most of your new surrounds – and live large with an expansive Valley Homes acreage.

offer more than interior space and rural luxury

The lifestyle a tree-changer is drawn too often has more to do with the country town itself (or an escape from the city), rather than a particular block of land or set of acreage plans. However, once the dust settles after the move, it is often that particular block of land, its development potential, and the array of house designs for acreages available that make the change to regional New South Wales a resounding success.

A lot of this has to do with the fact that the specifics of the block of land and the eventual country house designs which are built, are what help complete the transformation from ‘tree-changer’ into ‘a local’. More than that though, the home in which a person lives needs to be a sanctuary, a place to rest the mind and re-charge. Valley Homes have been building acreages in the Hunter Valley for many years now, and if there is something our team excels at, it is matching acreage home plans with lifestyle ambitions to help Australians live their best-life.

Acreage home design Hunter Valley
Acreage homes plans
for everyone

When it comes to knowing what house designs for an acreage will suit each new home builder nothing beats a personalised consultation to go through acreage plans and country house designs, to visit the site gaining an understanding of vistas and rural landscaping, as well as discussing the acreage house price and get a building quote – and that’s just part of our standard service.

Customisation and personalisation is something any good acreage builder will offer – our in-house designers happen to be passionate about fine-tuning all of our acreage home designs to suit personalities and lifestyles – and it is an essential element if the build is to work with the block of land and tick all of the client’s boxes. A bigger entertaining area, a guest suite to wow your visitors from the city, creative studio or workspace, or even an eco-friendly solar passive design are just some of the regular requests we build for our acreage clients.

As long-time local builders in regional New South Wales, we have a reliable team of contractors and suppliers who know the country lifestyle, after all it’s their lifestyle too, and they know how to make the most of the surrounds with quality, long-lasting materials. Which means, if you choose to build an acreage with Valley Homes, you know you are going to be a long-time local too.

Talk to our acreage team

If you’re thinking about making a tree-change, but are unsure, there are some fantastic articles filled with real people’s regional stories and advice on making the big move away from cities such as Sydney. If you want to know more about acreages, please read our recent Luxurious acreages in regional Australia article. And if you’re ready to make the change and want to talk acreage house costs and home designs, then talk to us.