Demolishing your tired old house and transforming it into a modern, energy efficient dream home without having to lift a paintbrush might be easier than you think. But is it the best option for you? To help you determine if knocking down your house is a viable option we’ve put together a list of key indicators.

Top 5 reasons to why people choose to knockdown and rebuild:

1. You love your location and feel part of the local community

Sensational Valley views, easy for school pickup, close to Maitland CDB or even Maitland Hospital, you play touch football just down the street, you meet up with neighbours for morning walks, or you just can’t live without a morning coffee from your local café. Whatever the reason or your stage in life, if you love where you live then capitalising on your location and making your property work for you is smart.

2. You have outgrown your house and/or it is out-dated

If your property has the perfect aspect, but it isn’t working for you any more, then a fresh start on the same block might be the most suitable and cost effective solution. It pays to remember building additional rooms, updating failing electrics or rejigging layouts may solve your immediate issues, but renovating may end up costing you more than building a brand new home.

3. You need solid budgets and want to maximise your investment

It can seem surprising, but with soaring renovation costs it is usually more cost effective to start fresh right where you are. When you knockdown to rebuild not only can you save money, but you also get to build the home you’ve always wanted. Selling to buy a larger or newer house may seem like a feasible option too, but with extra costs such as Stamp Duty and Agent Fees you are throwing away money you could be reinvesting into your new build.

4. Your prized plot of land and family home are now too big, but you don’t want to move

The option to demolish and rebuild isn’t just growing in popularity for young families. If your property’s potential is being underutilised for your current stage in life, demolishing your old house, sub-dividing and rebuilding a smaller home or even building a duplex can make solid financial sense. It may mean create a rental income or give you a much-needed financial boost from selling the additional land.

5. You want a streamlined process using reputable builders

Just as going through the renovation process, or searching ‘for sale’ ads (not to mention countless inspections), building a new home with solid workmanship and quality finishes take time. However, by using a reputable company to streamline the knockdown rebuild process, you can be living in your new home sooner than you think. With council approvals, demolition, designs and project management all taken care of, not only is time efficiently managed, stress is also alleviated.

If you are nodding your head to one or more of the reasons above then talk to your local Knockdown Rebuild specialists Valley Homes who have extensive experience in Newcastle, Maitland and the Hunter Valley or get inspired by previous projects by viewing our Knockdown Rebuild Gallery.