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Accessible home – Stockton

Acreage – Joseph House, Medowie

Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_24_web-1200x799.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_22_web-1200x801.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_95_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_90_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_96_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_94_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_88_web-1200x799.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_67_web-1200x798.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_99_web-1200x802.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_05_web-1200x801.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_06_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_08_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_13_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_18_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_71_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_14_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_15_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_76_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_78_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_81_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_21_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_82_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_84_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_86_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_69_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_68_web-1200x801.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_19_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_20_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_09_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_65_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_02_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_01_web-1200x801.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_12_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_11_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_10_web-1200x801.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_07_web-1200x800.jpg | Valley-Homes_JosephHouse_24_web-1200x799.jpg

Duplex – Creswell St, Wadalba

2 Storey Custom Designed Home – Fingal Bay

2×2 Storey Townhouse – Kahibah

Multi-unit development – Jesmond

Duplex – Bolwarra Heights

Duplex – Fletcher

2 Storey Duplex – Newcastle

Custom Designed Duplex – Newcastle

Duplex – Newcastle

Duplex – Tighes Hill

Duplex – Newcastle

DHA – Wirraway Estate – Thornton

Stage 1 complete December 2015

DHA – Wirraway Estate – Thornton

Stage 2

Merrick House – Scone

PB Eveleigh Plan Service

McGowan Street – East Maitland

Duplex – In-house design

Lewis House – Aberglasslyn

House – Customised design

Driffield House – Howe Street, Raworth

House: Architect – Mark Lawler Architects, Builder – Valley Homes

Soldiers Point Property – Soldiers Point

Dual Occupancy (Rear): Architect – Torren Bell, Builder – Valley Homes

Dual Occupancy and Medium density developments

Photos courtesy of Property Bloom

Anderson Drive, Beresfield

Multi-unit development

Tallowood exclusive builder

Lifestyle estate and resort-style community for the over 50s

Valley Homes is the exclusive builder for Stage 1 of Tallowood Medowie. Offering people nearing retirement a resort-style lifestyle at an incredible location just outside of Port Stephens.


Duplex Specialists

Valley Homes’ duplex designs are diverse and fully customisable.

Our duplexes can accommodate a range of block sizes, be single or double-storey, feature three bedrooms or greater, open plan living, entertaining areas, two bathrooms and intelligent storage.


Acreage Series

Everything you would expect in contemporary country home design.

Whether you have a property in the Hunter Valley or a sprawling plot closer to the city, our Acreage Series provides generous living spaces, luxurious design features and clever storage throughout.


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